Local SEO

Move over phone books, the internet has taking over! If you are to complete a search on Google for a local service you will probably find that you will be sitting on a map of the surround area with all your competitors

Getting listed in the local results on the search engines takes a number of essential steps:

Local Page Optimization
Your website should have a contact us page with your business name, address and phone number or mobile number. If you have multiple local locations,it would be advised to create a unique page for each location. It’s also a good idea to have some specific text about the local area to make it even more relevant for when the search engine spiders come along and visit that particular page

Local Listing Optimization
It’s likely that the major search engines have your business listed somewhere on their local servers. All you have to do is to just claim those listings and then complete and update them with your proper contact information.

Directory and review websites that index local business information such as Yelp, CitySearch, Insider Pages, Local.com are essential to local SEO. The listings that are fed to these types of sites are called citations and all the big search engines like to capture this information

Essentially the more citations you have through these local business information store or directories, the more legitimate the business looks to the search engines which in turn will rank your site in the local results. One of the corner stones to our Local SEO solution is about building up numerous citations for your business through the site types of site examples given above

User Reviews
If you are to search for a local service, on the local results you will notice that some of the listings have reviews. It couldn'ty really be easier to explain.... The more you have, the better you should rank…

Local Backlinks
Getting other local sites to point back to yours is another good local SEO strategy. Using websites like news sites, local directories and other types of sites that store local business information is another good Local SEO strategy. Again the more sites you have pointed back to your site the higher you rank as you are classed by the search engines as an authoritative site