On Site SEO

On-site SEO is the process of enhancing and optimising the content of a website with the aim of improving its position in search engine results pages. At Shining Websites, our team of experienced SEO specialists know how to achieve the results you need in order to make your business grow. We can help increase your website's visibility, generate online traffic and ensure that your site is as search engine friendly as possible.

On-site optimisation focuses on a website's domain and this includes all text, images and links. Modifying a number of different factors contained within a web page using on-site optimisation techniques will maximise the potential of a website and boost its online presence.

The Actual Optimisation

  • Developing website code and structure
  • Improving site navigation and internal linking
  • Cleaning up Meta tags and descriptions as well as improving the use of target key phrases
  • Optimising homepage content to reflect improved keyword density
  • Optimising calls-to-action on pages
  • Removing duplicate content that may be harming search engine rankings
  • Ensuring pages comply with W3C standards and fixing validation errors
  • Increasing usability by creating comprehensive XML and HTML sitemaps

Our on-site optimisation team are able to construct from scratch or re-develop web pages tailor-made to suit your individual requirements as well as implementing SEO strategies. We will access your site and modify its coding, whilst focusing on multiple factors that will enhance and improve the website. If your site is not optimised then you have little chance of increasing your page rank and visibility.