Google+ aims to make sharing online similar to how we share in real life. In other words it is an easy way to merge real life with our online lives. All you need to do to take part in the world of Google+ is sign into your Google Account.

With a base that has now passed 62 million users and the integration of Google+ into Google search, it has become clear that Google+ is here to stay. Many SEO professionals and Marketers were up in arms after the release of Google+ search functionality.  It appears that Google does include information from some networks such as Quora or Flickr, but at this point is excluding popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  What does this mean for companies?

Take full advantage of these changes and post useufl information on your Google+ profile or company page that are relevant to your business and the business problems of your customers. Engage with others and be useful and interesting so that as many other relevant users of Google+ add you to their circles as possible. The larger your network on Google+, the more likely your content will appear prominently in their search results.