Typing and texting to Social Networking website has quickly become a go-to way to communicate in the business world. Some are utilizing the service for business-to-business and others for business-to-consumer. But, one thing is for certain – - those that have taken to are hoping to forge on-going business relationships.

Twitter’s main limitation (the 140-character text limit) also serves as its strength. Messages are concise, often witty, and one has to really think (and edit) what they want to say in order to fit within the regiments of the system.

Furthermore, one of Twitter’s unique features is the ability to re-tweet another person’s message (whether you follow them or not). Having your message re-tweeted allows your message to go viral and reach a broader audience that you have not yet touched. In order to facilitate the process of re-tweeting, many Twitter-users like to keep their messages around the 100-character mark so that people can add their own message in front of that which they re-tweet.

What happens on Twitter is completely search-friendly. If you are interested in a certain topic (for instance The Olympics, your favorite television show, or a business topic such as viral marketing or search engine optimization, you can do a Twitter search to find recent tweets on your topic of interest.

By utilizing the search function, you are able to broaden your own following list by finding others with a similar interest. Unlike other online applications and social networking mediums, Twitter makes it really easy to connect with others world-wide with similar interests. Whereas most of the people on your Facebook list are people you know personally, you may find that your Twitter list is comprised of strangers (soon-to-become connections) with similar interests.