Web Design

Your web design is the face of your online presence and your web design needs to matches your company's brand whilst engaging your target audience,

Often we're asked how much a web design costs. There are many factors that determine a web design cost

And like most business interactions, you get what you are willing to pay for.

Shining Websites employ a highly talented and experienced team of Website Developers and Website Design specialists to undertake all the bespoke projects that our clients require. Because Shining Websites is such a well-established Web Development company, we understand what makes a successful website. This allows us to create unique sites that strike a fine balance between original, quality web design and traffic generation.

During the Website Development process, Shining Websites will go through several procedures to ensure the best possible service.

Web Design & Web Development Consultation

We know it's important to understand the vision you have for your own website, and that's why we begin consultation straight away. We want to create the perfect Web Design for your business, from branding to functionality, and early in depth discussions about long terms goals are central to a successful Web Development project.

Website Design Sign Off

Once the goals at the end of the consultation period have been finalised, Shining Websites will build a unique web design based on your development brief. Once the web design is accepted, we will begin work on the new website.

Website Development Process

Every stage of the Web Development process, Shining Websites ensure that our clients have access to a test link, allowing you to view the progress of your project. This ensures maximum transparency, and increases the likelihood that we are able to create the perfect website for your business.